I have been part of the Realm Pictures crew for a long time and after two of the most intense years of my life January saw the release of The Underwater Realm. Our most ambitious project to date. The five short films set and shot entirely underwater tell the story of 5 times throughout history when mankind has come into contact with a race of people living under the sea and were made entirely by a volunteer crew lead by director David M Reynolds. As a producer on the project I was instrumental in funding the film, raising over $100,000 through an online crowd funding campaign back in December 2011 as well as taking on roles as the Production Coordinator, Set Builder and of course Stunt Coordinator. The project has been truly life changing and is slowly gaining a cult following online and after a glitzy premiere in Leicester Square is gaining interest from across the globe.

All five films are available for free online via youtube and you can watch them all in 4K RIGHT HERE!