"A good fight on stage its not about how good a fighter you are but rather how good the actor receiving the blow is."



Prices are flexible for multiple bookings and if you require a bespoke service spanning several days we will be happy to provide you with a quote. 

Prices for Schools and Colleges

Half Day Workshop (1-3 hours)                       £280 Plus Travel 

Full Day Workshop                                          £380 Plus Travel

For Circus workshops please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a tailored quote.

For corporate bookings and events please Email for a quote.


Travel calculated  as 40ppm one way. Venues over 100 miles calculated at 40ppm for the initial 100 miles and 20ppm for the exceeding distance. Overnight costs will only be added to bookings across multiple days. 


How long are the workshops?

Workshops can be booked as 1-3 hour workshops or a full day.

Can a workshop be divided amongst several groups?

A three hour session or full day session can be divided into individual 1 hour sessions for different class or age groups such as form groups or Saturday stage school age groups.

What age groups are these workshops for?

I have run sessions with children as young as 5 but my workshops are advised for students aged 9 and above. Younger students are advised to take part in shorter workshops lasting no more than 1 hour.

What does an average session entail?

An average 3 hour session is divided into two 1.5 hour sessions. 1.5 hours of unarmed stage combat techniques; how to perform non contact stage punches, kicks, strangles etc. 1.5 hours of armed combat, usually basic broadsword techniques. Shorter sessions involve only unarmed techniques. You can see video examples of previous workshops on the videos page

How many students can you work with at a time?

30 dependant on space. 

Do you have DBS, insurance and risk assessment documents?

Yes copies of all necessary information is included in the information packs, available on request.

What are your prices?

1-3 hour average workshop = £280 plus a travel surcharge of 40pence per mile 

Full day average workshop (3+ hours)= £380 plus a travel surcharge of 40pence per mile.