Corporate Team Building Workshops

Team building and corporate events


We offer a range of team building workshops for adults. These sessions are perfect for corporate events, team building days and company parties. We offer a range of options to suit your schedule and budget. Everyone has at some point wondered what it would be like to punch their boss, or smash Janice in accounts around the head with a bottle. Well wonder no more!

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I feel like Batman! Such an awesome day.
— Tesco employee

Fight Club Bronze  

Duration 1-2 hours

Maximum Number of participants 30

This is our fast and fun package which is perfect for conferences and evening activities. Ever wondered how film makers make their fights so realistic? Or how stunt people manage to get up time and time again after taking brutal looking falls? Then this is the workshop for you. Stage combat is a fun, non competitive, safe and sociable activity. The workshop encourages people to work together in teams, building trust and communication between participants. 

Fight Club has a big emphasis of fun. Introducing students to the fundamentals of stage combat in a short snappy crash course. The workshop opens with a short performance from the two instructors and then moves on to a fast passed physical class. Participants are taught all the most fun and gory techniques such as safe kicks to the groin, eye gouges, strangles and good old fashioned upper cuts. They are then lead through the process of putting these techniques into a fight that can be performed to the rest of the group. 

As well as developing trust and communication by working together to create a final performance participants benefit from the confidence that comes from performing in front of their peers. The entire workshop is overseen by two professional stunt performers who maintain a safe working environment and guide participants through the challenge of becoming stunt men and women. 

Fight Club Silver

Duration 2-4 hours

Maximum Number of participants 30

Stepping up a notch Fight Club Silver takes on another dimension with the inclusion of stage safe weaponry. Participants fight with fists, knives and swords for the full immersive hollywood experiance. This is not just a fight scene this is The Bourne Identity, Rocky and Pirates of the Caribbean all rolled into one!

Once again the workshop opens with a fight display from the two instructors. They will use a mixture of unarmed combat and weaponry for a visceral and exciting display of what the workshop has in store. 

Participating groups are introduced to the fundamentals of unarmed stage combat before being introduced to a weapon system (stage safe swords or knives depending on their choice). They are then taught some basic choreography that can be incorporated into a final group fight at the end. Cameras at the ready! Your entire office staff will come together in a clash of armies, creating a fight that requires the involvement of every team member. 

To make a truly great action sequence, every person involved needs to be communicating and collaborating with everyone else. No one can be left out of the loop and everyone must take responsibility for their own actions. Relying on each other to keep everyone safe and make the sequence as impressive as possible cultivates a supportive and effective team environment. 



Fight Club Gold

Duration- Full Day

Maximum Number of participants 10

Lights! Camera! Action! This is a truly unique team building experiance. Use all your creative thinking, team work, problem solving and skill to produce your own action movie. Under the guidance of two professional stunt performers and a industry standard camera person your task is to plan, choreograph, perform and shoot your own action film. 

The workshop opens with a fight display from two stunt professionals followed by a condensed crash course in armed and unarmed stage combat. The participants are then guided through how to storyboard an action sequence and asked to come up with their own scenario. Once the action is planned the team each has the chance to take on the role of performer, camera operator and director. 

By working together the team will produce a short two minute action movie that will be edited together as a memento of their hard work. Imagine the “Who’s Who” page of your website introducing your kick ass team with a video of just how kick ass they can be! 


“Making films by yourself is impossible. Alone your just shooting home video. It takes a team to make a movie”

Quentin Tarantino