Lets Do This Again Soon

We hope that you enjoyed your workshop today. We have a number of other workshops for you to try including Shakespeare specific sessions and circus skills. If you would like to make this a regular thing we offer a range of discounts and plans to provide repeat bookings, regular once a term workshops as well as rehearsal drop in sessions for school productions.

Lets Do this again soon

Repeat Workshop this year 10% OFF


Book another workshop for this same academic year and receive a 10% discount. Let new students try their hand at stage combat or build on the original workshop with new weapons and skills.

lets do this regularly

discounts for regular once a term sessions


Give all the students in the school a chance to try stage combat with multiple drop in sessions or incorporate a regular stage combat workshop into specific year groups.

lets get this perfect

discounts for additional rehearsal time. 50%Off


Time gets away from all of us in the rehearsal room. Add more choreography or just add that final polish to the fight scenes. With 50% Off rehearsal sessions lets make something really great.