VCRA & Legal Outlines for Blank Firing Guns



The Violent Crime Reduction Act and Plug Fire Cap Guns Applies to UK sales and rentals Only, overseas sales are unaffected, as is the sale of most western type guns

Plug Fire Guns
Plug fire cap guns and blank firers (apart from most western models) are classified as Realistic Imitation Firearms and as such are covered by the 2007 VCRA, and the VCRA 2011 amendment (with the exception of pre 1870 design models, see pre-1870 section below).
These items are functioning replica model guns for use in films and by re-enactment / skirmish groups with the appropriate liability insurance only. They do not fire any projectile nor can they be converted to do so, they are in fact designed to comply with the strict uk / Japanese laws which prevent ownership of firearms. Plug fire cap guns are 100% legal to own in the UK given correct entitlement under the VCRA.

The defence for their sale / purchase is:
Section 37 of the VCRA provides various defences to the new offence. It makes it a defence to show that the manufacture, importation, sale or modification was only for the purpose of making the realistic imitation firearm available for:

*     A museum or gallery.
*     Theatrical performances and rehearsals of such performances.
*     The production of films and television programmes.
*     The organisation and holding of historical re-enactments.
*     Airsoft Site members, UKARA.
*     Crown servants. (purchases for the Crown, by the Crown only)

Plug Fire Gun Accessories
Accessories for Plug Fire Cap Guns are not covered by the VCRA and as such may be bought or rented by anyone over the age of 18.

Pre 1870 Design Plug Fire Guns
Plug fire cap guns of a type pre-dating 1870 are not covered by the VCRA and as such may be bought by anyone over the age of 18.
This is particularly useful for western re-enactors, please use the general enquiries form to tell us your requirements, we can source a number of pre 1870 designs, again please use enquiries form to request more details.

Squire Stage Combat is 100% in support of the VCRA and as such abides strictly to it.
If there are any questions please contact us on the "Contact Us" contact page for clarification.

Terms and Conditions of Sale Legal Disclaimer / Information

All items rented from Squire Stage Combat must be used in strict accordance with any existing UK laws. Purchaser assumes all risk for use of any items purchased from Squire Stage Combat. Squire Stage Combat accept no responsibility for any indirect or consequential damages arising from items rented.

*   Items rented from Squire Stage Combat must be used in strict compliance with any instructions supplied.

*   Misuse of plug fire cap guns may cause malfunction of model which may result in personal injury.

*   Suitable hearing protection should be worn where required, e.g. if used in confined conditions.

*   Do not allow anyone to stand directly in front of the model, or in the direct line of the ejector port when firing as plug fire cartridges are heavy objects and when ejected could cause injury / damage if this instruction is not followed.

*   All imitation firearms and cartridges should be kept out of reach of children (ideally in a secure locked cabinet).

IMPORTANT Blank Firers Usage and Safety Information

The carrying and handling of any Blank Firing Gun in a public area is against the law.

Blank Firing Guns are intended to fire only one type of blank ammunition. The correct caliber of blank ammunition is marked on the gun and the accompanying documentation. Only use the correct blank ammunition with our Blank Firing Guns. Attempting to fire blank guns with the incorrect ammunition can cause serious injury.

None of our Blank Firing Guns can fire real ammunition and none can be made to do so.  All our blank firers are top or side venting and include permanent barrel inclusions to prevent any attempts to tamper with their correct function. Do not attempt to load or fire real ammunition. Attempting to alter this blank gun to accept real ammunition is illegal.

To avoid mechanical failures, keep your blank firing gun clean and lightly lubricated. Always make sure it is unloaded before cleaning. Avoid excessive dry-firing as this may cause breakage.
Always make sure you and those near you wear eye and hearing protection when firing.

When firing, always keep your arm fully extended as gas/powder from the firing of the blank exits the gun from ports or the slide/cylinder area rather than the muzzle of the barrel.

Keep your hands, face, and any other part of the body away from the cylinder and top of the blank gun when firing. When a blank is fired, gas and debris are vented from the cylinder/slide. At arm’s length, the vented material dissipates harmlessly. At close range, the venting can cause burns or serious injury.

Blank guns should be used only for theatrical, historical re-enactment or training purposes. They should always be used by a responsible adult. Blank firing replica guns should be stored in a locked container separate from its ammunition. They should never be carried on the street, pointed at anyone, hidden on your person, or left in your car. Do not leave them where they are accessible to children.

The carrying, handling, or brandishing of any model that resembles a real weapon may be in violation of the law, may create undue apprehension on the part of the law enforcement offices or other persons, and could result in injury or death to the person handling the model.

The manufacturer, distributor, and retailer disclaims any and all responsibility for the improper use of these blank firing guns.