Roll Up! Roll Up! A full day at the Circus!

This workshop is a full day of circus fun! Students will not only get a taster of all the different circus skills but will develop a final performance as a group. Circus is all about physicality, timing and teamwork. Students will be guided through the process or creating a group performance using all their new found skills, relying on themselves and their piers to create a whole new piece of performance.   

The session begins with a warm up and safety briefing. This is followed by a demo by the instructor. The instructor will perform with each piece of equipment that will be used in the workshop and gauge students interest in particular elements so as to tailor each session to individuals. 

Normally the students begin with a juggling workshop and will then divided into smaller groups to explore different circus skills. Once they have each had a taste of each individual skill they will decide as a group who should perform what and identify their own areas of skill. From here they will build a final performance involving the whole group which can be performed to fellow students, staff or filmed for later enjoyment. 

Students will explore:   

  • Juggling (balls, bags or scarves)

  • Poi

  • Unicycle

  • Hand balance

  • Kangaroo Stilts (dependant on age, weight and height)

  • Plate Spinning

  • Balance Boards

  This workshop is for a single class only. Classes can be no more than 30 students.